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Friday, January 31, 2014

Reflection of Fall 2013: Reaching a limit

Fall 2013 is where I met my limit to how much I can do.  Our campus move to D2L was anything but seamless, and the administrative decisions left the system outdated for what I needed.  In frustration, I decided to take all of my classes and labs to my old LMS (Moodle Based).  I made the decision late, and ended out  building things all semester for 5 different classess affecting >350 students.  

This semester is going better, but I reached the point where the changes burdened me and affected my instruction.  Nothing was particullarly new (except how final grades were calculated), and individual components had been used before; the burden came from transferring and building the various activities.

Now I have the answer for people about when does flipping/hybridizing a class become too much.

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