This blog was started as my reflections on the 2011 Change MOOC. It is now an on going journal of my thoughts on Higher Education, specifically teaching Biology.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New projects starting while others end #change11

I've been keeping up with information, but have not had a great deal of time recently to sit down and actively keep up this blog.  The Change 11 MOOC has inspired me, and this includes the presenters that I've gotten to watch.  So, now my redesigned Biology course is going live. 

This is a hybrid face-to-face / online class, and I'm using many of the MOOC concepts.  I've also invited friends to join and to send their students.  For those who are interested, the course syllabus can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/hybridbiol2107/ and the social network structure for the MOOC is at http://biogsu.org/oxwall/

I've actually referred to this in my notes as a pMOOC (for pseudoMOOC). 

Unlike the MOOC concept that depends on self-actualized learners, the pMOOC is designed to take students who are use to being spoon fed and move them throughout the semester to a more adult learning model (so a move from pedagogy to andragogy). 

Now that this has started, I can get back to some other things (getting everything running has been the worst part).


  1. This looks like a very exciting project. It will be interesting to see the outcome a MOOC being implemented around an a course that already existed. Good luck!

  2. Thanks. I'll keep updates here for interested parties.

  3. Interesting idea. I wonder if you will have a higher participation rate by starting with the more traditional model where choosing to "take" the class comes with the expectation of participation? MOOCs don't have a novice level where a person can test their voice--you just jump in (or circle the entry door but never enter). Lack of a transitional mechanism in MOOCs may explain why we seem to be mostly older learners.

    Rather than simply talking about diversity and the future maybe we should enable it.